Our Experience in the UK by María and Manuela

It was a very rewarding experience and we felt sorry for our classmates because they couldn’t enjoy the experience.
It would be complicated to choose the best part of the trip because both, the stay in Canterbury and the day in London were incredible, and we can’t forget our surprise visit to Brighton.
The weather was very good and it was a pity that Big Ben was under construction and we couldn’t see it very well.
Apart from improving our English, this trip helped us to relate to people with different costumes.
We can’t make a complaint about the school, the teachers were very friendly and lovely.


Manuela and María – 4º ESO


Our trip to Canterbury

In our opinion, the trip was amazing.
The school was a little bit small, but very cozy. We were in different groups, so we met a lot of new people from the other school. The teachers were very kind and funny, and the lessons were very interesting. We learnt new vocabulary and we had very funny activities like making our own pop festival or acting in a play.
In the afternoons we spent time doing treasure hunts, visiting the Cathedral, going to the bowling alley…
On Sunday we went to London. There we visited Buckingham Palace, the London Eye, Big Ben, Covent Garden, Chinatown, The British Museum, M&M´s shop, Lego shop…it was fantastic!
Canterbury is a very beautiful town. There were lots of shops, some museums, the Cathedral, the Bulkhead in front of the Marlowe Theatre… It is a place with a very interesting history and plenty of culture.
We felt at home with our host families because they were very honest and well-behaved with us.
On the last day we had a surprise! We went to Brighton Palace Pier, an amusement park with roller coasters, a horror hotel, water attractions…
We had a very funny day and we hope to do this trip again.


Mar Rodríguez, Cristina Pérez and Diana Rosatone


UK by Clara, Zahira and Paula

Our trip was fantastic and unique.
On Saturday we did a visit around Canterbury. On Sunday we went to London. It was very interesting, but we had to get up very early to take the bus. We visited the British Museum, Covent Garden and Trafalgar Square among other places. The only bad thing was that the Big Ben was under construction. When we were arriving at home, it started to snow.
On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning we had lessons at Concorde School with new teachers and the schoolmates from Vigo. At lunchtime we ate at different places, then at 2.30pm we had to come back to school to do different activities like a Treasure Hunt, a visit to the cathedral, bowling and a free afternoon to go shopping.
Last day we travelled to Brighton and we spent the morning at the Palace Pier. It is an Amusement Park. We rode the roller-coaster and a lot of attractions. It was amazing!


Paula, Clara and Zahira